I'm Drew! 24, white, AMAB genderqueer (most people are used to he/him/his pronouns but I literally could not care less what you use), queer, Canadian, pro-feminist, pagan, trying my best to be socially aware.


TRIGGER WARNING: I regularly reblog hateful or triggering material so that I can respond to or challenge it. All hateful/triggering material will include text arguing against/defeating it (though this generally won't be written by me if it's about racism or sexism, as those are axes where I have privilege). I generally include content warnings so that you can blacklist anything you don't want to see. I use trigger warnings in titles as well, where possible. If I fail to tag something appropriately, please let me know asap and I will immediately fix it.

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  • Canada won't have pennies after Feb 4th, and might lose our nickels as well!

    As the penny is set to begin retirement next month, there are already calls to put the nickel out to pasture as well.

    The Royal Canadian Mint starts collecting one-cent coins on Feb. 4 for melting and recycling of the metal content, with some six billion pennies expected to be surrendered by Canadians over the next six years.

    The last pennies minted on May 4 in Winnipeg were costing about 1.6 cents each to manufacture. Aubry also estimates retailers, banks and consumers have absorbed about $140 million in handling costs each year, creating an unnecessary drag on the economy.

    Aubrey, now with the Quebec-based Cirano inter-university research centre, says eliminating Canada’s nickel could be part of a larger strategy to retool the currency.

    That would include creating a new coin to replace the five-dollar bill; adding a 20-cent coin; eliminating the quarter; perhaps creating a $200 bill; and reducing all coin sizes significantly to ease the burden on pockets.

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