I'm Drew! 24, white, AMAB genderqueer (most people are used to he/him/his pronouns but I literally could not care less what you use), queer, Canadian, pro-feminist, pagan, trying my best to be socially aware.


TRIGGER WARNING: I regularly reblog hateful or triggering material so that I can respond to or challenge it. All hateful/triggering material will include text arguing against/defeating it (though this generally won't be written by me if it's about racism or sexism, as those are axes where I have privilege). I generally include content warnings so that you can blacklist anything you don't want to see. I use trigger warnings in titles as well, where possible. If I fail to tag something appropriately, please let me know asap and I will immediately fix it.

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  • With the recent influx of trans-ethnic and trans-fat identities, I would like you all to know that even though I don’t have children, I feel very parental a lot

    please respect my transparent identity

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      I just need people to see through to me.
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      How could I not? You’d be literally impossible to erase.
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      After browsing the transethnic tag on tumblr, this is my favorite post.
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