…I laugh, but I genuinely do say ‘have a nice day’ when someone has been mildly irritating and pretty much only don’t say anything if they’ve been absolutely awful (or if I’m /super/ distracted) and if I end a phone call with ‘thanks bye’ you know I’m cursing the person on the other end so

I laugh but this is not entirely untrue

Also oh man did taking the day off yesterday help, I slept until two and between that and having actually a decent night’s sleep last night, I’m feeling… not /good/, but noticeably better. Still could probably do with another day of sleep, but I’ll survive without it.

I usually end up saying ‘have a great day’ to people and I’ve gotten so used to it that if I accidentally say ‘have a good day’ instead I feel like I’m being mean

And if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, I just said ‘have a good d-GREAT DAY’ and then realized how awkward that was and speedwalked away from the bus